Featured on Startup Revolution

Amsterdam Startup Week is featured on Startup Revolution. We’d appreciate you sending out a tweet to support the work of Brad Feld, the startups and our team.

Startup Revolution is the name for a series of books Feld is working on. Currently there are five of them in the series.

1. Startup Communities: Creating a Great Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City. Available now.

2. Startup Life: Surviving and Thriving in a Relationship With an Entrepreneur. I’m writing this one with my wife, Amy Batchelor.  Available for pre-order now.

3. Startup Boards: Reinventing the Board of Directors to Better Support the Entrepreneur. I’m writing this one with my friend Mahendra Ramsinghani. We expect it to be available in March 2013.

4. Startup Metrics: Making Sense of the Numbers in Your Startup. I’m writing this one with Seth Levine, one of my partners at Foundry Group. We expect it to be available in June 2013.

5. Startup CEO: A Field Guide to Building and Running Your Company. Written by Matt Blumberg CEO ofReturn Path. We expect it to be available in summer 2013.