Certa Legal Open Office

Certa Legal will open its doors for two hours of casual Q&A, regarding all legal issues you can stumble into with your startup. It does not matter whether you are incorporated or not yet, are still pivoting, have a MVP ready or not, have (paying) customers or not, etc. In any of the startup stages you will run into legal questions and we are there to help you.

Come in, bring your questions and let’s talk. And yes, it’s for free.

We have lined up experienced tech lawyers of Certa Legal:

Dave Dirks, partner, M&A and Venture Capital, angel investor, shareholder startupbootcamp (LI:http://www.linkedin.com/in/certalegal T: https://twitter.com/dave_dirks)

Wouter Offringa, associate, M&A, Venture Capital & IP (LI: nl.linkedin.com/pub/wouter-offringa/16/22/390/)